What is modulus or modulo division operator ?

Modulus or modulo division operator (%) returns the remainder.
syntax: dividend % divisor


How can we use scanset to restrict any character input from user ?

We can restrict or allow any character set for user input using scanset  %[].

How to learn and improve programming skills ?

The key to success : practice and learn, more and more.

Like other skills, if you want to learn programming, you have to dedicate some of your serious time to it.


Is string in switch case is allowed in JAVA as in C# ?

  • JAVA SE 06 or earlier :-   Not Allowed
  • JAVA SE 07 or later    :-    Allowed

How to write an object to a file in c++ ?

In C++, for writing and accessing an object to/from a file we may use write and read functions provided by fstream.

Consider this example :

What does Class.forName(" ").newInstance() do?

The 'Class' class is located in the java.lang package, its forName() method returns the Class object for the parameter that was loaded by the class loader.


What is C-- (C minus minus) ?

C-- is a compiler target language which is designed to simplify the work of implementing a compiler which produce high quality machine code.